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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Welcome To MPBA Page.

We would like to welcome you to our new blog entirely dedicated to Paintball in Malta.

MAAC ( Malta Allied Airgunners Club) is a legally registered shooting club in Malta that caters entirely for shooters that are licensed to use Air Driven guns. The Maltese law states that air driven guns need to be registered and licensed and that their user must have a Target Shooter B (Airgun) license to be able to practice sport associated with these type of systems.

MAAC was formed in June 2008 and officially licensed in August 2008. MAAC started as an airgun club and hosted Air Rifle and Air Pistol sporting activities such as Field Target, Hunter Field Target, Bench Rest and Steel Plate Shooting. Near the end of 2008 a new section was formed within MAAC, this was MAAC - A ( Airsoft). Airsoft enthusiasts joined in the ranks of MAAC. In December 2009 an new section was formed also within the ranks of MAAC this was the MAAC - Paintball section.

Today MAAC has 3 sections or clubs within showing that air driven gun sporting activities is picking up and is hear to stay. MAAC is the main body representing alliences to the shooting sport community in Malta and world wide. The airgun, airsoft and paintball sections operate independently but under the control of MAAC. MAAC main aim is to encourage and assist all the 3 sections operating within its boundaries.

Since 1 year ago that MAAC PB was formed the members within MAAC PB has risen and MAAC PB committed a regular activity at least one time per month during 2010. Now MAAC PB wants to make a leap forward. This will be possible when MAAC PB has its own PB field that would be in service for its members to benefit. For the time being MAAC PB hosted games at local commercial fields. Despite the availability of these fields paintball cannot really grow unless we have regular players with their equipment and teams. MAAC PB is working on this issue to see a growth in paintball.

The commercial fields are good as promotion to those casual or one time players but are not feasible for regular players who make paintball part of their lifestyle. MAAC will offer that to those players who are deep into the sport. Currently and in 2011 MAAC will be in a position to cater for WoodsBall however within our capabilities we would like to start some form of competitive national league to offer our members the initiative to form up teams and compete at regular intervals with the aim of expanding this to a higher level. Woodsball will remain as the main entry level, however MAAC would like to see in the near future X-Ball starting up locally.

In this blog we will make our effort to introduce you to the world of paintball and guide you through this addictive sport. If you are interested do not hesitate to contact us, we are sure that you will get hooked so be aware.

In this blog you will find all the information required to start your paintball experience, local activity news, equipment reviews, news from all over the world etc. etc. Make sure you book mark and visit this site more often.